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Marc Fleischmann is a serial technology entrepreneur with a long track record in enterprise and cloud software companies. He is currently CEO/President, Founder and Product Architect at Datera (the market leader in tier-1 primary software-defined storage), Founder of the Open Source Business Alliance (Europe’s largest non-profit open-source ecosystem hub), and an investor in a number of high-tech startups. Described variously as focused, passionate, humorous, decisive and dynamic, Marc is driving a company culture that reflects his own brand of energetic discipline and spirit.

Earlier, Marc was CEO and Founder of sMeet, one of Europe’s largest social gaming sites. Before, he launched and built Pixelworks’ Digital TV business. Prior, at Transmeta, Marc developed novel adaptive low-power technology for the mobile Internet, and executed key design wins at Sony, Fujitsu and NEC that were launched shortly before Transmeta went public. He started his career as an autonomous distributed systems architect at Hewlett-Packard Labs.

Marc grew up in Germany and lived in France and Italy. He loves turning ideas into companies, building game-changing teams, and racing classic cars. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in business and engineering from KIT, along with a number of patents in cloud, software and CPU technologies.

I became an early employee at Transmeta, a software-defined microprocessor startup. There, I continued my quest for self-learning systems, pivoted the company to a low-power strategy for the mobile Internet, and developed adaptive low-power technology that helped making smartphones possible. Transmeta eventually became the biggest semiconductor IPO of the decade, and I was proud that my team members felt they did some of the best work of their life at Transmeta.

Marc Fleischmann


HP Labs.

After graduating with business and an engineering degrees from KIT, I was fortunate to join Hewlett-Packard Labs as Member of Technical Staff. I worked on autonomic distributed systems and attribute-managed storage – building the foundations for self-managing systems. If that sounds like today’s “cloud” – it was. HP Labs was ahead of its time, and let us work on our own vision of the future of computing. I’m grateful for the research they let us do – most of my peers joined Google, and HP Labs awakened my passion for self-learning systems and inspired my own business ventures.


I was an early employee at Transmeta, a software-defined microprocessor startup, where we brought self-learning systems to the consumer space. I invented adaptive dynamic frequency/voltage scaling technology that helped making smartphones possible, and pivoted the company to a low-power strategy for the mobile Internet. Transmeta eventually became the biggest semiconductor IPO of the decade. I was proud that my team members felt they did some of the best work of their life at Transmeta.


Datera is the market-leader in tier-1 primary software-defined storage. We re-imagined enterprise data storage to scale across capabilities and consumption models, technology cycles, and private and public clouds – automatically driven by application requirements, delivering game-changing operational value to Fortune 500 customers. Datera also turned out to be one of those magic circles in life – it was exciting to win HPE as our first major OEM partner, as I had explored some of our fundamental ideas way back at HP Labs.


01. Select Experience.

06.2013 – Present, Santa Clara, CA
Founder, CEO/President, Product Architect
Market-leader in tier-1 private cloud primary data storage, funded by Khosla Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Andy Bechtolsheim, etc. Built a game-changing storage and cloud team, drove product architecture and go-to-market strategy. Won Fortune 500 customers, including category leaders in travel, healthcare and consumer goods. Architected OEM partnerships with HPE and Fujitsu.
Long Run Technologies
10.2009 – Present, Cupertino, CA
Founder, Managing Director
Low-power IP development, brokering and licensing firm, funded by Altitude Partners.
Long Run Technologies
10.2006 – 02.2008, Stuttgart, Germany
Board Member
Virtualization software company, cash-flow funded. Helped scaling VirtualBox, one of the premier desktop virtualization platforms. Acquired by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) in 2008.
Open Source Business Alliance
05.2005 – Present, Stuttgart, Germany
Europe’s largest open-source ecosystem hub. Catalyzed and marketed open source business solutions. 500+ active members, including HPE, IBM, RedHat (now IBM), SAP, T-Systems, 20+ universities, the states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.
Open Source Business Alliance
08.2005 – 09.2006, Mountain View, CA
Group Product Manager
Worldwide product management for Mediaroom (IPTV) BU. Led successful product launches at AT&T, British Telekom, Deutsche Telekom, Rogers, Swisscom, Telefonica, etc.
01.2002 – 08.2005, San Jose, CA
GM Digital TV BU, SVP Engineering and Product
Public video processor company, funded by Battery Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Focus Ventures. Strategic partnerships with Analog Devices, Dell, Intel, Seiko Epson and Toshiba. Ran worldwide Engineering (Portland, San Jose, Toronto, Berlin) and opened an R&D center in Shanghai, launched and built the Digital TV business to $120M revenue, and helped growing the company from $60M to $200M revenue; named section 16 executive officer.
03.1998 – 01.2002 Santa Clara, CA
Senior Director of Software, Corp. Product Manager
Public software-defined x86 microprocessor company, funded by IVP, Deutsche Bank, Soros Fund Management, Vulcan Capital, etc. Strategic partnerships with IBM, AMD, Microsoft, Sony and Toshiba. Ran half of Engineering, invented novel dynamic voltage/frequency scaling technology, helped pivoting the company to a low-power strategy for the mobile Internet, and executed key design wins at Sony, Fujitsu and NEC that were launched in Q3 2000. Biggest semiconductor IPO of the decade in November 2000.

02. Education.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Karlsruhe, Germany
M.S., Business+Engineering,
1987 – 1995
Thesis with Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Palo Alto, California
German (native)
English (fluent)
French (conversant)

03. Skills.

Turning ideas into companies
Thinking through first principles​
Mergers & acquisitions
Building high-performance teams​

04. Interests.

Cloud computing
Autonomous distributed systems
System architecture
Machine learning
Strategic partnerships
Mergers & acquisitions
Classic cars


Thought Leadership.

Kubernetes for Data

Kubernetes (K8s) is revolutionizing how applications are distributed, operated and scaled. Its proliferation in the enterprise causes longer container life cycles with more persistent state, which requires extending the K8s operating model from compute to data.

How we Reimagined Data Storage

Before starting Datera in 2013, we had contributed the block storage subsystem to Linux (“Linux-IO”), which was adopted by the likes of Google, Red Hat (now IBM), Pure Storage, and many other array vendors.

The AI-Defined Data Center

As data centers are re-imagined for cloud, there’s a universal need for a data management platform that can orchestrate data everywhere, across private and public clouds.

The Real Revolution Behind Self-Driving Cars is Self-Driving Infrastructure


The hype around self-driving cars keeps reaching new heights, with most pundits focusing on their immediate innovation and novelty.